Terms & Conditions

The following words marked in bold will have specific meanings in this contract.

'denture' - a prosthetic device constructed to replace missing teeth in a dental arch.

'partial denture' - a prosthetic device replacing one or more teeth in a dental arch. Will be classed as a denture for repair and copy services.

'full denture' - an appliance which replaces all teeth in one arch of the mouth.

'full,full dentures' - two dentures which replace all teeth in both arches.

'personal data’ – Any information about an identifiable living person (for example, your name, address or phone number).

Also in this contract, the following words have special meanings but will not be in bold.

'conditions' - includes all parts of this contract, not just those that lawyers call conditions.

'we', 'us', 'our' - RMJ Dental Laboratories Ltd acting as FixMyGnashers.co.uk.

'you', 'your' - The person entering into the contract, usually the owner of the denture(s)

What we will do

Repair and Copy. All repairs and copies are carried out by GDC registered dental technicians.

Copy service. FixMyGnashers, upon receipt of cleared payment will make an impression of your denture(s) and send the original back to you as soon as possible so that the customer is not without their denture(s) for any time greater then necessary. The copy will then be made by our dental technicians and sent back by registered post.

Repair service.  FixMyGnashers, upon receipt of cleared payment will asses the repair of the denture(s). We may be able to fix metal denture(s) or replace missing items like teeth for example upon assessment. If there are missing components, we will contact you regarding payment for any additional work. If repairs are not possible, your dentures will be returned and a refund (less carriage costs) credited to your account.

What you must do

Although you may use our free postage labels, you are responsible for the safe delivery of your denture(s) to our Laboratories, so we recommend using recorded delivery, which will insure and guarantee delivery.

You must provide sufficient information for us to be able to contact you in the event of clarifying work requirements and for the safe return your denture(s) via recorded delivery.

You must provide ALL broken parts of your denture(s)

A full denture price discount is only applicable to matching top and bottom dentures.

Personal Data

We will use your personal data to open a work record for the purpose of repairing or copying your denture(s).

We may, if they ask in writing, give your personal data to people with a legitimate reason for asking for it (based on the exemptions in the Data Protection Act 1998 or similar laws that replace or follow it), including government or law enforcement agencies.

When you make a payment. When you enter into transactions or make payments to FixMyGnashers, we will only share transaction information with those third parties necessary to complete the transaction and will require those third parties to agree to respect the privacy of your information.

Payment Types

Payment Methods